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How I Survive Working In A Cubicle

Let’s face it. Working in a cubicle sucks.

Office Space Copier Scene

If you’ve seen the movie Office Space you can see that most people that work in cubicles are uptight, depressed, overweight, and constantly looking for ways to slack off.

How do you fix this?? Here are a few ways I have learned in the past few years.

  1. Drink Tea, Not Coffee
  2. Print Off Articles and Read Them Somewhere Else
  3. Stretch At Your Desk
  4. Bring Headphones and Play Your Favorite Music
  5. Every 30 minutes:
    - Drink a glass of Water
    - Get Up and Walk Around
    - Rest Your Eyes by focusing on something other than your Monitor

    Here is an easy way to calculate 30 Min:
    When it’s done, just refresh the page.

Working in a Cubicle is not my ideal job by any means, but I have to do it now to ultimately get the job I want.

Fantasy Football

I’m so excited this year. 3 Leagues and gearing up for some NFL

I like my new house but I have a small room, sometimes I wish I had a huge Studio apartment so I could have people over (i.e. Movie Night) and not have to worry about numbers.

I can’t have Mista Kitty at my new house next year but I’m going to try to sneak him in anyways.

We’ll see what happens haha this may come back to bite me

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